Hair Colours Recommended for Men

Synaa Black Henna FOR MEN, is a non drip formula – safe and easy way to colour your hair. It imparts a natural Black colour that lasts long and leaves hair dandruff free, soft and shiny. 2 minutes

Mix the entire quantity of Synaa henna powder (8gm) in 40 ml water in a (plastic bowl) use the paste immediately with in 2 minutes and always discard any unused mixture. Do not reuse or leave it lying around. Apply synaa henna paste uniformly starting from root of hair to the tip. Part the hair with comb & spread the prepared paste evenly and gently on hair with the brush. Leave the paste on for 30-35 minutes and for darker shades 55 minutes after application. Wash hair thoroughly till the rinsing water become clear. Finally wash & rinse the colored hair with synaa colour protector shampoo.
Size : 48 gm (each 8 gm sachet x 6 nos.)
Available Shades : Black / Brown / Chestnut