Synaa Aqua Aqua

Synaa Men Fragrance Body Spray- Aqua Aqua is a Cool Experience. Specially for Men it brings out the Charming, Tenderness quality in you from deep within.

Synaa Red Musk

Synaa Red Musk Synaa Men Fragrance Body Spray Red Musk. A symbol of sheer vitality & agility. The Enhancing Musky aroma keeps you energetic all day long.

Synaa Forest Power

Synaa Men Fragrance Body Spray - Forest Power. Related to the nature & experience the mystifying Green Aroma. It reminds you of a wandering on a foot trail into a forest.

Synaa Ignite

Synaa Men Fragrance Body Spray ignite. An alluring experience of masculinity. It exudes a Rusty, Manly aroma which ignites the Passion in you.