Herbal Cosmetic Products


Ayurveda's bliss

The term Ayurveda is composed of two Sanskrit words— 'Ayus' and 'Veda' which translate respectively as 'life' and 'knowledge' or 'science. Herbal Dream truly lives upto the essence of Ayurveda. The most beneficial features of Ayurveda for enhancing beauty are blended well with all the products of Herbal Dream. We believe in making the best of this authentic traditional knowledge so that India's treasures are explored across the world through our products. Combining ancient wisdom from the Vedas with 21st century technology, we offer a wide range of natural and safe cosmetic products for skin care, hair care, hair colours, body care, personal care, colour cosmetics and oriental products.

Our mission

We believe in combining mind, body and soul towards making a beautiful person.Our mission is to pioneer a beauty revolution that is based on the most authentic herbal cosmetics that are touched and blessed by Ayurveda.We want to eliminate artificial beauty from its core and promote natural and herbal cosmetics product in India.

Management philosophy

A self-confident, dominant and persistent achiever, Parikhshit Sethi founded Herbal Dream back in 2000. Better known as Parry, his personality traits positively reflect the way the company has shaped up in such a short span of time. His natural instincts and foresight have always led him to the next frontier, with his finger on the pulse of international demands that transcends geographical boundaries and encompasses the entire world. Parry, with his natural urge of strong results focus and a drive for achievement, leads the company with the same vision of success and excellence. He empathizes with his team so well that it translates into their loyalty and commitment for the company. The charisma of Parry's magnetic personality is amazingly woven across in his management philosophy at Herbal Dream. In fact, the reason why Herbal Dream has been so innovative and unique is thanks to Parry's constant urge for the following principles:
• Creativity and originality
• Fairness and justice
• Appreciation of beauty and excellence
• Industry diligence and perseverance

The fruits of his ambition are the ever growing family of satisfied customers who testify us as "Trusted hands for creating herbal brands."

Core values

Law of differentiation - Every product or service must be so unique that it cannot be replicated. We are creating herbal products that are innovative and original to the core.
Creativity - Each participant in our process of beauty creation is talented in a special way. We encourage each of our members to offer ideas to achieve maximum consumer advantage.
Team effort - Our team is a source of energy and inspiration to us. We value an individual's opinion and so our team has a burning desire to create a beauty revolution in the world.
Quality, standard and safety- Consciousness forms the core of our business strategy. Herbal Dream has an equipped team of experts that supervises strict manufacturing processes as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
• Our range of herbal cosmetics products in India prides in being modern, need-specific and innovative apart from being novel and unique that gives comfort & hassle free application.