* Daily Scalp & Hair Care
* Clean & Healthy Scalp

Synaa Olive Shampoo is a blend of Olive, Brahmi, Neem, Amla & Shikakai. They clean and cool the ravaged scalp from every day chemicals & pollutants; strengthens hair roots, helps maintain moisture balance and keep hair healthy & non frizzy.

* Hair Darkening & Volume Boost
* Reduces split ends
Synaa Hibiscus shampoo is a blend of Hibiscus leaves, Hibiscus flowers and curry leaves known to be effective for hair darkening, enhancing volume, and nourishing of hair.

* Conditioning &
Colour Protector Shampoo

Synaa Henna cream shampoo is specially formulated for colour protection of your natural as well as coloured hair, the UV filter protects the hair colour thereby making it lasts longer. Henna & Soya proteins conditions, nourishes and smoothens hair fibres, restoring the natural coats of the hair along with preventing damage caused by sun & harmful dye materials, providing luster, voolume, bounce and texture to your hair.

* Hair Fall Control
* Reinforce Hair Strength

Synaa Nut Grass shampoo enriched with nut grass (nagramotha), musk root (jatamansi) and bhringraj is known to provide effective hair fall control, cleansing, conditioning and nourishing of all types of hair.