Synaa Maharaja Sandal Soap contains the goodness of celebrated Sandal fragrance. Its Rich, Warm & Exotic Aroma blooms on your skin. Cleanses the skin without stripping off the natural moisture. Enriched with vitamin E it sooths the skin and helps balance the skin moisture thereby promoting youthful complexion.

Synaa Premium Rose water facial soap is designed to give you a beautiful experience of home facial with rose water. Enriched with vitamin E, this unique combination is known to cleanse your skin providing nourishment and making your skin petal soft and glowing.

Synaa Habbat AL Barkaa Soap is enriched with pure Habbat AL Barkaa Oil (Black onion Seed/ Kalongi) known as a " healing herb). Regular use of this soap prevents common skin infections, freckles and dark spots as it is having excellent antiseptic properties. It also cleanses and purifies the skin.

Goat milk is known to be enriched with alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid that help in skin exfoliation. The Minerals and Vitamin A present in the milk help in skin healing and rejuvenation. Goat milk soap provides that extra nourishment to your skin making it soft, blemish free, fairer, moist and glowing.